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Sprinter Workout

Improve your running speed with the Sprinter Workout. The routine can be done indoors as well as outdoors (High Skips & Straight-Leg Bounds). Sprinting is broken down into three stages: explosion, acceleration, deceleration. In terms […]

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Best Yoga Poses to Relieve Stress

The modern perception of yoga is that it creates a thin, toned body, but let’s not forget the psychological and emotional benefits of a carefully constructed asana practice. Spending a few mindful moments in these […]

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Your Brain On Beer vs Coffee

Let’s pretend that there aren’t enough half baked metaphors that describe the college experience and try to entertain this one: getting your degree is like walking a tight rope with a beer in one hand […]

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A quick peanut butter recipe wraps a tortilla with peanut butter, honey and granola around a banana for a tasty ‘sandwich’, PEANUT BUTTER AND BANANA ROLL-UPS DIRECTIONS STEP ONE Spread peanut butter evenly over each […]